DESIGN GUIDES > Nine Tips For Better Tees

ninetips_idea The most important element for any design is an IDEA. And it must work in two dimensions.
ninetips_shape Squares, circles and equilateral triangles are basic shapes and basic shapes are common, forgettable shapes. Create your design with a unique outer shape because a unique shapes are unusual shapes. And unusual shapes are MEMORABLE.
ninetips_type Use TYPOGRAPHY to extend the message to abstract dimensions. Create unique lettering that supports and extends the picture style.
ninetips_hand EXAGGERATE Colors, perspectives, forms, relationships and elements. Manipulate them to produce unique contrasts.
ninetips_fish Create VIGNETTESs that allow your picture to flow between negative and positive space.
ninetips_flower Use GESTALT perceptual factors to help focus the composition.
ninetips_geometry ninetips_geometry Put abstract GEOMETRY into the design to organize non-abstract, literal elements
ninetips_squaregreen Reach back into time and space to find STYLES, you can use in new ways. For example: Art Neauveau, Impressionism, Classicism, Digital, Cubism, Comic Book, Art Deco.
ninetips_yinyang Use AMBIGUITY to allow the beholder to virtually enter—and participate in—the picture.